Kevin Peraza


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Athlete Bio

One thing you always notice about Kevin Peraza is that he is always smiling, on and off his bike. And while he is having a great time riding his bike Kevin is also throwing down some of the most progressive tricks today as you can see in any of his videos including his latest Monster Energy edit, A Weekend in California and more! More times then not people are shaking their heads in disbelief of what they just witnessed Kevin do. You can also always count on the amount of family support Kevin has. That is something you might expect when almost the entire family also rides! Don’t let the smiles and good times fool you though. Kevin is on fire when it comes to contests with big tricks and great style consistently getting him on the podium. Kevin is currently riding his signature Mongoose frame, La Familia. …and we are pretty sure he’s currently smiling enjoying life as you read this.


3rd Place
Cape Town, South Africa


1st Place
Mongoose Jam
Woodward, PA, USA

4th Place
X Games Dirt
Sydney, Australia


Gold Medal
X-Games Park
Minneapolis, MN, USA

1st Place
Simple Session
Tallinn, Estonia


Gold Medal
X-Games Dirt
Austin, TX, USA

1st Place
Simple Session
Tallinn, Estonia

Dirt Rider of the Year

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