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Mongoose Q&A with Cam Peake

First bike? Mongoose complete

When did you start riding? 14 years old

Where do you live? Mostly in southern France now, but when I'm in the UK I'm in Leicestershire

Local park? Tarbes bowl (France) or The Asylum (Nottingham)

Explain your UK / France split? My Parents moved there 2 years ago with my little bro, so France is my family home and where I spend most of the spring/summer./autumn and where alot of the contests are. I basically just come back to the UK to ride the awesome parks during the winter months.

Global travel, contests? I entered my first international contest was at 16 (amateur BMX Worlds in Cologne), and I’ve been hooked ever since. I must have done around 60 contests since then.

Fave contests? Fave country? That’s hard, probably the FISE contests (before they became UCI haha!) That's why I still do the Experince series because it’s more like the old FISE vibe. Simple Session for the parties.

How do you split time between riding parks and street etc? I just like to ride whatever is put in front of me, I dont want to categorise myself into one genre. I love both park and street, thats why I like to get techy in my contest runs, its more interesting to watch .....i think!

Current Goals / targets? Hit up the VANS contests. It didn't go to plan last year, so 2020 is the year for that. My ultimate aim would be to have a MONGOOSE signature part.


1st Place
FISE Xperience
Reims, France

2nd Place
FISE Xperience
Anglet, France

2nd Place
Soul Cycle BMX Championships
Amsterdam, Netherlands


2nd Place Overall
FISE Xperience Series

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