Team Mongoose Welcomes BMX Star Brooke Crain

Mongoose is stoked to announce that BMX star Brooke Crain will be joining our team in 2022!   The 2x Olympian will not only be riding a Mongoose and inspiring the next gen of cyclists, she’ll also begin the next phase of her career - after retiring from pro competition - working with the USA BMX Foundation

Brooke Crain Joins Team Mongoose

Since 2019, Mongoose and USA BMX have partnered to help bring the Foundation’s unique STEM-based cycling curriculum to elementary school across the U.S.  As talented as Brooke is on two-wheels – and we can’t wait to see her flying on a ‘Goose – she will be equally impactful off the track with the Foundation.

"I am super excited to work with Brooke! Not only does she have an amazing amount of accomplishments under her belt, but a personality that is top-notch and perfectly represents what Mongoose is all about," said Mongoose Sports Marketing Manager Leigh Ramsdell.  "We can’t wait for her hit the ground riding on a Title and doing what she does best, making people smile on and off her bike. Welcome aboard Brooke!”

Before the announcement, Mongoose caught up with Brooke to discuss the exciting news:

How crazy is it that you are picking up a new sponsor (Mongoose) after you retired from racing, ha-ha?

BROOKE CRAIN: Honestly when I got the call and the offer I was brought to tears. Never in my life could I have imagined being picked up by such a legendary brand after retirement. When you’re an athlete you think you’re only wanted for what you can do on the bike and never think about the impact you can make off would carry you through after retirement. All those years of my parents instilling in me about being a better person off the bike really paid off. 

Brooke Crain Joins Team Mongoose

Even though you are officially retired will we see you on the track here and there?

BROOKE:  Yes, absolutely. I will be doing clinics around the National circuit and maybe line up at a few pro ams here and there. Riding my bike is my happiness and my escape. That’ll never change. 

What will you miss from racing pro?

BROOKE:  I think the competition and the adrenaline you get with lining up on the gate with the fastest girls in the world. It’s also very nice to watch from the sideline though now ha-ha. 

What are you looking forward to the most working with Mongoose and the USA BMX Foundation?

BROOKE:  The people. Mongoose is filled with the nicest humans in this sport. This past season I’ve spent a lot of time with everyone on the team and I genuinely love them all. The Foundation has so much growth I’m hoping to help bring and I just look forward to staying in the industry that made me and that I love so much. 

Brooke Crain Joins Team Mongoose

You already hang out with Payton so it must be nice to actually be on the team with her huh?

BROOKE:  Ha-ha P-Nut is my little ginger sister and I’ll always have her back. It’ll be good to help guide her in the right direction with sponsorship and relationships so she can make the most out of her talent for many, many years to come. 

Do you have a favorite race (or races) that you look back on?

BROOKE:  I have many. Obviously, the ones I won were the best but really my all-time favorite was 2016 Olympics. I had a great day mentally there and although I came up short on a medal, I had one of those days where it felt like I was just a kid again who loved racing their bike. 

Brooke Crain 2016 Olympic Games
Photo Credit USA TODAY Sports

Describe your mentality going into this new career path.

BROOKE:  For as long as I can remember, I have only known BMX as events, races, and competition.  And now I get to do something different in BMX to help other riders to start or use the sport to educate kids in math and science. I am so excited for this new chapter with the USA BMX Foundation and can’t wait to give back to the sport that gave me so much.

What advice can you give to the up-and-coming women BMX racers?

BROOKE:  Enjoy every minute of it. It goes faster than you think. Embrace the bad days, learn from them and let them help you grow. Work hard but remember that the memories you make with the people you love go a lot further than any race won.