Quarantine Time with Team Mongoose: Greg Watts

Greg Watts was one of the few Mongoose riders that actually got to compete this year before the pandemic was in full swing! After coming in 2nd at the Crankworx Rotorua event, Greg flew home to Nevada and started working on his yard again! The jumps and course he’s building was meant to be something he could train on for events, but now it seems like it’s turned into something just to ride out the pandemic. We caught up with Greg to see what he's been up during the quarantine:

Greg Watts Mongoose covid mask

So, what have you been doing with yourself to keep busy at home?

Watts: It seems like I have been busier than ever lately. Every spring, there is always a laundry list of things to do in the yard whether it's landscaping, fixes on the house, random projects or improving the jumps. I'm a big outdoor guy and I like warm weather, so I'm just happy to have winter behind me. My wife has been working from home, so we have been going on hikes behind our house and spending time with our daughter during her breaks.

What do you miss most about MTB right now?

Watts: I miss the trails! I have my jumps and slalom course in the yard, but I always like mixing it up with different terrain. I can't wait to go on a group ride and not worry. I also miss events and being able to hang out with all the riders I only get to see a couple times a year. It would be nice to get calls to ride again too!

Greg Watts 2nd place Crankworx Rotorua

What are you looking forward to most when everything returns back to normal?

Watts: I just miss the freedom of normal living along with all the conveniences. I guess this is a huge reality check to realize how good our quality of life was. We took it for granted for sure. My wife and I were talking about how fun it would be to walk downtown and go into every business, just because we can. Restaurants, dive bars, thrift stores... we don't miss them until they're gone! I get a little feeling of claustrophobia, like a caged animal, even though I've always been a homebody.

Tell us about the build in your yard.

Watts: It looks like you are just about finished with it. I just finished actually! I built the jumps last year and they were good, but I needed to tweak them a little. Last winter took a bit of a toll on them as well. I also added some features to the slalom course and made everything taller and wider. It took so long since I was digging by myself for the entire project. I usually get some help from the riders around here and I didn't realize how big of a project it would be. Feels good to get it done.

Any advice for people trying to find something to do to pass the time?

Watts: Find something you're passionate about and work on it. Take this time to better your life, rather than waste it away on Netflix. Like anything in life, there's always a lesson to be learned and it will be different for everyone. I've learned to appreciate how great our quality of life was and will be again. Maybe there is something you've been putting off for years, or little projects in your life that need completion. Whatever it is you find to pass the time, just try to set your life up to be a little better and more efficient than before. When this is all over, you'll have a good head start on your new life.

Greg Watts Mongoose Fireball SS dirt jumper