Quarantine Time with Team Mongoose: Daniel Wedemeijer

Back in March, Dutch BMX pro Daniel Wedemeijer joined team Mongoose just a few months after moving to North Carolina to ride and coach fellow teammate Nikita Ducarroz. Days later COVID19 shutdown our borders, and Daniel and his family were stuck in the states for the foreseeable future. But it could be worse. He has access to a private park, and some close friends to spend this time with. We caught up with Daniel to see how things were going. 

Daniel Wedemeijer Mongoose BMX Pro

So, what have you been doing with yourself to keep busy at home?

Daniel: Well there’s enough to do especially with my newborn son who’s 6 months now. Besides that, I’m also working on coaching Nikita Ducarroz which is not only during riding.

What do you miss most about BMX right now?

Daniel: Competition and being with all the bmx homies. And somehow, I even miss traveling by plane. 

What are you looking forward to most when everything returns back to normal?

Daniel: Being able to just go out for shopping, getting food or being with friends.

You got to America just before everything shut down. Has that move been stressful for you and the family?

Daniel: I guess we got very lucky with our move to America one day before the shutdown. Planning all this was a bit stressful and now not knowing when we can go back for a family visit is a bit stressful too.

How is everything back home?

Daniel: It seems all good luckily We can video call our family. They are all in quarantine but doing good luckily. Also, the rebuild of my home skatepark Area51 is in full progress. 

Daniel Wedemeijer BMX pro
This shot was taken less than a week before the stay-at-home order

Any advice for people trying to find something to do to pass the time?

Daniel: There’s enough to do like home workouts, gaming or if you’re really motivated home schooling!