Quarantine Time with Team Mongoose: Cam Wood

When Cam Wood joined Mongoose the beginning of 2020 and started his year off with some great finishes in the Men's Elite class! Then everything came to a screeching halt. Races were cancelled and tracks even closed for practices. But Cam being the upbeat, level-headed person he is, is taking everything in stride staying busy at home. We caught up with Cam recently to see what he's been up to:

So, what have you been doing with yourself to keep busy at home?

Not much has changed for me surprisingly! I’m currently attending school online and wrapping up my senior year of high school. My online school program is running as scheduled so it’s been keeping me busy for sure. The training side of things got a bit complicated when all of the gyms closed down. I spent a lot of time on Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist shopping for gym equipment and I finally got a decent temporary setup together in my garage until the gyms open back up. Overall, my focus has been staying on top of school and sticking with coaches training schedule so that when racing comes back, I’ll be ready to go! I do also play video games with the friends to pass time! 

Cam Wood and his pup

What do you miss most about BMX right now?

Competition. I miss the adrenaline of lining up next to the best of the best. I've only participated in 3 races as an Elite Men and it has already been the most exciting season of my career. Competing against racers I grew up watching and taking notes from is an unreal feeling and I’m itching for more of it right about now. 

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What are you looking forward to most when everything returns back to normal?

Racing; without a doubt. Leaving Houston with a 3rd among very strong international competition left me wanting more. I’m hoping the confidence and experience I gained in Houston carries over to the next race; whenever that may be. 

It looks like from your last post you got to the track to get a few laps in. It must weird to ride by yourself.

Yes, I was thankful to get a skill session in. Primarily the focus has been building strength and power since the date of the next race is unknown. I hadn’t ridden in over 3 weeks and having fun on the bike again was much needed. I have been trying to social distance as much as I can so track sessions aren’t a regular thing lately, but it's definitely important to keep the skills crisp. 

Cam Wood practice run

Any advice for people trying to find something to do to pass the time?

Stay active and be creative with it! There’s plenty of ways to improve during this time no matter what the hobbies or interests are. This whole situation is crazy and very unfortunate but hopefully some sense of normalcy will return soon, so do what you can to be prepared for it!