Pure Intentions Starring Mykel Larrin Now Playing

Mongoose pro Mykel Larrin made a trip to Colorado to film an all-dirt BMX edit entitled, Pure Intentions.


Here’s the inspiration for the edit from Mykel himself:

“Intention creates purpose and purpose provides meaning. Have you ever thought why you're so drawn to that certain thing? Well I believe it's God nudging you towards a gift. Something He's already blessed you with before you even knew it existed.

It's our responsibility to pursue that calling and explore the possibilities of who we can become though it. One of those things for me, is BMX. So, choose what's best for you even when it's difficult in whatever it is you're drawn to. Start where you are, use what you have and let the rest follow.

It's who you become along the way while pursuing your gifts that make it worthwhile. Trophies will tarnish but character lasts forever. Remember...the things that bring you joy are not accidental. Pursue them, enjoy the ride and keep your intentions pure.”

Film and Edit: Matt Cordova
Music and Narration: Mykel Larrin