Payton Ridenour Wins Wisp MTB Race

Last weekend Mongoose pro Payton "P-Nut" Ridenour defended her 2019 title at the Wisp Downhill & Dual Slalom MTB Race in Fredrick, Maryland. There was some friendly competition between P-Nut and her coach Arielle Verhaaren, so that made this race that much more fun. We caught up with P-Nut after her win to ask her a few questions:

How was this different than a BMX race?

P-NUT:  This event was a lot more laid back than a BMX race. The vibes were all about having fun and the atmosphere was super laid back. It was awesome to be around so many people I don’t typically get to see at the nationals and to watch my dad compete too!

Payton Ridenour Wins Wisp Race 2021

Did you feel the same pressure or were you going into this for fun?

P-NUT:  To be honest I was feeling a little pressure since there was a lot of smack talking between coach Arielle and I ha-ha. She had beat me in 2017 and 2018 and I took the win in 2019 (Arielle says because she was pregnant with her little boy). So, this was the ultimate long-awaited showdown!

Payton Ridenour Wins Wisp Race 2021

How’d the Fireball perform?

P-NUT:  The Mongoose Fireball SS performed amazing! I’ve tricked it out recently with some Shimano, Onyx, and E6 components so it’s extra fast. A Mongoose t-shirt, blue jeans, and flat pedals for the win!

Payton Ridenour Wins Wisp Race 2021