Payton Ridenour Lands the Magazine Cover

Mongoose BMX pro Payton "P-Nut" Ridenour landed on the cover of the fall 2022 issue of Suburban Life magazine!  P-Nut was interviewed as a part of the magazine's Super-Women 2022 feature. Here's an excerpt along with a link to the full length feature!

“I really just want to be someone people can look up to and be a good role model for other people. I want to get results, and I also want to be a pro that’s approachable if anyone asks a question or wants an autograph. Outside of racing, I try to be a charismatic person and like to help people out at the track. I just want to be a good person, a nice person.”  – Payton "P-Nut" Ridenour

Payton Ridenour Cover Suburban Life 2022