Mongoose Pros Take Center Stage at X Games

By Leigh Ramsdell

The X Games is back! 2021 was a little different than in years’ past. Massive venues were replaced with backyard ramps and other training facilities, but the action was still the same!

For BMX Park and Dirt, the venue was at none other than Mongoose Pro Pat Casey’s house! You’ve seen his yard in the Monster Dreamyard videos, so you know it was the perfect spot for those two events.

Team Mongoose at X Games 2021

The first event was Dirt – and Mongoose had three riders in it: Kevin Peraza, Ben Wallace and Pat Casey. The dirt jumps were all rebuilt for the X Games so everyone, including Pat, had equal time riding them. Kevin took to the jumps with his style and stretched combos like a downside tailwhip to can-can and his Superman seat-grab, which landing him in 4th. Ben Wallace came out swinging on his first run, but on the 2nd jump he fell on a double tailwhip. However, in his second run Ben laid down a great run with his stylish 360 lookback, 360 no-hander, and a double downside tailwhip putting him in 3rd!

Team Mongoose at X Games 2021

“I’m so happy to take the bronze medal this year at Pat Casey’s house,” Ben said. “It’s always a pleasure riding the dreamyard, and for X Games to come in and put this event on was awesome due to the strange year we’ve had. It was great to get everyone back together to do what we love doing – ride BMX!”

Dropping in and laying down action-packed runs filled with big tricks and good style was Pat Casey! Pat landed hard combos like a truckdriver-to-tailwhip and downside tailwhip, and finished his run with a Cashroll! Pat won his first X-Games gold medal!

Team Mongoose at the 2021 X Games

“Having X Games at my house was already a dream come true, but winning X Games dirt in my own backyard has got to be the highlight of my career thus far,” said Pat, “I’m beyond grateful to my sponsors and ESPN for allowing and supporting me throughout the process of event planning as well as allowing me to host. Still feels like a dream.”

Team Mongoose at the 2021 X Games

A few hours after the Dirt event, we jumped right into the Park event! Dropping into this amazing ramp set-up first was Ben Wallace. Ben had a good mix of big tricks like his 540 flair and technical moves like ice picking the sub box, which put him in 6th.

Saying Pat rode the ramp like he owned it was an understatement, even though I just kind of said it, but watching him put together a solid run was a treat to watch. And tricks like a truckdriver to tabletop mixed in with his backwards tricks like the 540 to fakie up the step-up put him in 2nd!

When Kevin Peraza is on, he is on!  He started his run with a big downside tailwhip transfer and just kept going with the Peraza magic from there! He did tricks on every ramp, including a truck-to-nohander, 360-nose-wheelie over the box, an alley-oop downside tailwhip tranfer, and so much more. Kevin earned his second X Games Park Gold medal with not only his volume of tricks, but the quality! Here is what Kevin had to say about winning his 2nd Park gold.

Team Mongoose at the 2021 X Games

“As a kid it was always inspiring watching the athletes at the time competing in the X Games. Making it a goal to one day be at one. Now getting a Medal, and a making it GOLD… IT’S A COMPLETE DREAM!!!! This is my 3rd GOLD medal at X Games and still feels like my first." 

Team Mongoose at the 2021 X Games

Lastly, Kevin also competed in BMX Street and Pat competed in the FMX 110 event. This X Games was one to put in the books! If you haven’t seen them or want to watch again click the links below!

Watch the 2021 X Games Dirt Replay

Watch the 2021 X Games Park Replay.

All photos by Our BMX