Learning to Ride Just Got More Fun With the Mongoose Title Tot Balance Bike

Balance bikes are the ultimate ride for toddlers and preschoolers and Mongoose’s new Title Tot balance bike is no exception.  From cruising the neighborhood to tearing up the pump track, balance bikes allow kids to ride independently and confidently at a very young age.

Mongoose Title Tot Balance Bikes

We had a chance to test out the new Mongoose Title Tot balance bike and loved watching our little testers ride through the skatepark and neighborhood with ease.  Before we share more about the Title Tot, let’s first tackle what a balance bike is, and how they work.  

What is a balance bike?

A balance bike is a toddler bike with no pedals and only two wheels (with no training wheels!).  Also called a push bike, balance bikes are propelled forward by the child’s feet.  Kids ages 2 to 5 typically ride balance bikes, but they are most common for toddlers and preschoolers.

How to use a balance bike?

To ride a balance bike, a child simply sits on the saddle and walks or runs.  When they reach enough speed, kids intuitively hold up their feet and glide.  Some kids love gliding around, while other kids prefer to keep on running!

Mongoose Title Tot Balance Bikes

Learning to ride a balance bike does have a learning curve - some toddlers pick it up really quickly, while others take a little longer. When starting out on a balance bike, kids first stand over the bike and walk it.  This initial introduction allows them to get comfortable with the feel of the bike as well as how to steer it.  

Once comfortable, kids soon take a seat and begin walking the bike.  Walking evolves into running and before you know it, they are off to the races!  

This process can take time, especially for timid kids, but don’t give up!  We promise that seeing your child glide past you with a big confident smile makes it all worth it. 

Benefits of a Balance Bike

There are many benefits to balance bikes that many parents don’t realize.  Many mistakenly believe that balance bikes are simply a means to avoid training wheels, but in fact, that’s just an added bonus!  

  1. Balance bikes allow kids to start riding at a young age

Toddlers as young as 18 months can start riding a balance bike.  Most tricycles and bikes with training wheels don’t properly fit a child until they are at least 3.  Due to the lack of pedals, the seats on balance bikes are much lower to the ground and can accommodate the smallest of riders as a result.

  1. Balance bikes easily tackle various surfaces and longer distances

Balance bikes are unique to other toddler bikes because they easily roll over uneven surfaces, including dirt, curbs and even small jumps!  Best of all, toddlers can tackle these obstacles without any help from their parents - not even a push to get started.

Mongoose Title Tot Balance Bikes

On a balance bike, short trips down the street also soon turn into longer trips around the block and beyond.  Balance bikes are much more efficient than tricycles and training wheels and allow kids to ride for longer distances.

  1. Easy transition to traditional kids bikes

Once mastered, balance bike graduates quickly and easily transition to a pedal bike.  No need to run beside them or teach them to ride a pedal bike, balance bike graduates are able to start balancing their new bike right away - no tears and no drama!

Mongoose Title Tot Balance Bike

With a lightweight build, toddler-friendly sizing, cushioning air tires, and BMX styling, the Title Tot is a solid and cool little balance bike for young riders to start their biking journey.

Weighing in at 8.2 lb., the Title Tot is lightweight enough for little ones to maneuver easily.  From lifting up the front tire to go up a curb, or picking the bike up to get ready to ride, a lightweight bike is key to helping a child have a positive riding experience. 

When it comes to balance bikes, it’s important to know that they are not one-size-fits all!  Balance bikes come in a wide variety of sizes to fit all sizes of kids. With a seat height ranging from 13.5” to 18”, the Title Tot is a best fit for toddlers in size 2T to 4T pants.  

Mongoose Title Tot Balance Bikes

As icing on the cake, the Title Tot comes with air tires. While most balance bikes come with foam tires, air tires provide cushioning and traction that foam tires just can’t. For little ones who are likely to become adventurous riders and explore off the beaten path, air tires are a huge advantage.

Whether your little one is destined for the BMX bike racing podium or just enjoys a casual weekend ride with the family, the Title Tot is a smooth ride that will have them up and gliding in no time.

Review by TwoWheelingTots