Kevin Peraza Wins E-FISE Street Contest!

Congrats on getting 1st in Street for the E-FISE Comp! You had to film both Street and Park. Did you approach those two videos with a different mindset?

KP: Yeah, I can definitely say my mindset and energy through the whole process was pretty much the same. 

The goal was to mainly stay healthy during it all and have as much fun riding / filming as possible. ha-ha

For FINALS, I started with the street one first as that was the one I had previously finished for the prelims. I kept the same flow and excitement going. Riding some super fun spots definitely helped take away from any pressure.

How does it feel to win the street event?

KP: It feels awesome to officially win a street event. Against all the dudes and friends that I look up to. It's super motivating for me to get out in the streets more. I am slowly unlocking things and feeling more comfortable on setups that I wouldn’t normally ride before. I am also hyped on winning street as I felt like there is a lot more work and time put into it all. 

From lighting up spots at night so we don’t get kicked out during the day, to not being able to ride the spot all. Having to come back on weekends, parked cars or watching for traffic, things simply being in the way that make it a challenge. Cleaning up or touching up spots when they aren’t at its best. You are no longer in a skate plaza with perfect rails, perfect ledges and spacious setups. You have to really be on top of it all and ready to deal with all those factors. It mentally makes you more patience or you explode ha-ha. I can honestly say we got lucky, as a lot of schools and businesses are closed because of COVID. I also feel like our positive and respectful personalities got us ( not kicked out ) but simply invited to come back later in the day or at night. All the cops and securities were cool for sure. 😉 

Kevin Peraza Wins E-FISE Street Comp

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Did you think you had a better chance at Park since that is what people see you ride more?

KP: I wouldn’t say I had a better chance in Park but it’s something I definitely feel more comfortable riding. 

I enjoy it more knowing that there are endless things to do even after many riders and myself have already ran through the same trick list and lines at that park already. ha-ha 

My mind works in a million different ways and directions when looking at a park. I turn a fun section of the park into a setup of its own and try to create challenging lines in that one spot. Then it gets fun and technical trying not only figure out the trick list but doing as many variations possible to see which one not only looks better but feels better in the least amount of time for a clip. All while staying stylish, and unique as possible.

I am happy with our 4th place in park. I had so much fun just doing me. Doing things that get me excited to continue going out to ride and film again and again. Other than a few slams that are pretty normal when you’re trying to push yourself I enjoyed every second of our video and the process of it all.

How did this compare to winning a live FISE event?

KP: It’s hard to compare winning a real life FISE event to an online one. 

The energy and the vibration you feel on the course in front of thousands of people really sparks that adrenaline and excitement in you to not only do your best but to treat them with the best show possible. I love sharing my joy, passion for bmx to people on and off my bike around the world at events.

This time I had to do the same but through video and promoting the best content possible.

Andrew Knight @elevatedperspective and I gave it 110% non-stop from the beginning to simply treat people with something fun to watch over and over again. I wanted to share that same energy and excitement I give at the event through videos and I believe we did that and we are more than happy with the final result of it all.

We felt more connected with my friends and everyone that was supporting us while we had the voting going.

I felt the love and support from the beginning, which only fueled a bigger fire inside of me to get out and keep going.

What’s next for Kevin Peraza?

KP: As of right now and what’s next for me ?... I am super blessed with the life I get to live. I am physically healthy and mentally happy at the moment. I am more motivated and inspired than ever to continue working harder and enjoying this life with everyone around me.

Until we get to hang out at events again, I'll be out riding trying to produce and treat everyone to as much fun content as possible.

Thank you, guys, for always supporting me, and everyone who not only voted for Andrew and I, but also took the time to read this. Enjoy what you do, and I hope to see you all soon. 

Much Love -KP 😋