Kevin Peraza Melts Minds at FISE Best Trick Contest

By Leigh Ramsdell, Sports Marketing Manager

FISE Montpellier has come and gone but the BMX Park Best Trick Contest is still resonating in everyone’s mind!  Mongoose riders Daniel Wedemeijer and Kevin Peraza walked away with podium finishes for some of the biggest moves of the event.

FISE Montpellier BMX Park Best Trick Contest Mongoose Riders

Daniel landed a huge, and I mean HUGE, Fufanu on the back rail of something that people wouldn’t even think about putting their tires on. Fortunately for everyone watching, Daniel thinks and does these things. And he did it flawlessly!

FISE Montpellier BMX Park Best Trick Contest Mongoose Riders

Then there was Kevin Peraza, who is known for combining technical moves with big stylish tricks. And Kevin came up with the trick of the event with a massive 180 flair over the big box jump that he nailed to perfection! AND, he did it on his very first try!

I asked Kevin about going for it, and he said, "Just felt good, and the crowd was in full effect. Since finals got cut short due to the rain, I felt like I still had more to give in my runs, so needed to chase down something big. The best trick session was going off, so that also helped with the motivation on trying it."

FISE Montpellier BMX Best Trick Kevin Peraza

His excitement almost got the best of him after he landed it because he threw is bike in celebration, but it almost landed back on him.

“I never throw my bike, but the excitement was too much – I didn’t even know what to do. Fair to say, I was happy, and it almost came back and got me”, laughed Kevin.

What an event and awesome job, Daniel and Kevin!

Photo credit @55Naoking & Rob Darden