Cam Wood Wins UCI BMX Racing World Cup in Bogota

THE WINNER'S CHOICE. Huge congrats to Mongoose race pro Cam Wood for winning his first UCI World Cup in Bogota, Columbia against the world's fastest BMXers!  We caught up with Cam afterward to talk about his big weekend in South America:

Cam Wood World Cup Win Bogota

Congrats on the big win!  You just came off winning the Holeshot Challenge as well. Did that bring a little bit of confidence into this race?

CAM WOOD:  Winning always feel good! I had a great time in San Diego and it was a cool event to be a part of. I traveled to Bogota almost immediately after the event to prepare and spend time on the track for the World Cup. Just tried to stay present and show up on race weekend in my best form.

Cam Wood World Cup Win Bogota

What was the biggest challenge with this race? Is it harder racing out of the USA?

CAM:  There were a lot of challenges! The altitude of Bogota definitely took a physical toll with it being over 8,000 ft. You definitely feel it especially with how many laps you run in a day. There are some tricky spots on the track that took a bit of time to get dialed in as well. World Cups are more intense than a USA BMX race because the margin for error is way smaller, so you have to be on top of your game every lap or your day is over.

Cam Wood Takes the Win in Bogota

Did you go into this with the same attitude as a normal national or did you change it up a little?

CAM:  I try to approach all competition very similarly. However, the World Cup environment is different. The intensity and adrenaline seems to run a bit higher, it’s just a unique feeling at international races when you are there representing your country. There’s something different about it for sure. It’s a privilege and something that I don’t take for granted.

Cam Wood World Cup Win Bogota

Time for a blatant product plug, ha. How did the Title feel out there?

CAM:  Felt great! I’ve been on the Title Team for about a year now. Feel really synced and in tune with the bike, and super happy to put it on top of the Box at a world cup.

Cam Wood World Cup Win Bogota

What is next for you?

CAM:  Well, the next thing for me is the final 2 rounds of the World Cups this coming weekend on the same track. Going to do my best to finish them out strong and leave it all on the track. Love the environment racing here in Colombia and happy I get another opportunity to race here!

Cam Wood World Cup Win Bogota
Photo credit Nico van Dartel | Navadanet