Brayden Barrett-Hay: Journey

JOURNEY showcases an athletes own introspection through experimental visuals representing specific stages of his career. From the highs of learning new tricks, contest wins and even the lows of suffering career altering injuries, Brayden Barrett-Hay has embraced his self discovery and revitalization. Overcoming his fears, regrets, and mistakes - Brayden is now learning to love his personal journey regardless of where it takes him. He may not have gone where he intended to go, but he has ended up where he intended to be.

DIRECTED BY: Brayden Barrett-Hay / Brad Scholl DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY: Brad Scholl CINEMATOGRAPHY: Brad Scholl – Christoph Benfey – Seger Nelson EDITOR: Brad Scholl PHOTOGRAPHY: Andrew Jay & Peter Jamison SOUND DESIGN: Keith White SPECIAL THANKS: Bike Big White – Kat Bensler – LOFT Bike Parks - Nick Coffin – Brett Rheeder – Matt Macduff – Mike Last – Leigh Ramsdell