Australian Triathlete Conquers Ironman on a Supergoose to Honor Late Brother

*Some quotes in the story below were pulled with permission from Dave’s recent interview Why I raced an Ironman on a BMX in 220 Triathlon by Kristin Jenny.

Coming up on the brand’s 50th anniversary, Mongoose has no shortage of inspirational stories from our fans around the globe. Just recently, we met an Australian fan named Dave Lowry, who did the impossible by completing the 112-mile leg of an Ironman on a modified Supergoose!

While his unusual choice of bicycle caught our attention and undoubtedly made him the talk of the Ironman event, it was the meaning and purpose behind Dave’s bike choice that left the entire Mongoose team astonished.

Dave Lowry Credit Korupt Vision

Dave Lowry is an engineering consultant and father of four in Perth, Australia, who has completed more than 200 triathlons over the past 30 years. This past year, Dave honored his late brother, Damien, who died of suicide in 2022, by riding a Supergoose at Ironman Western Australia to raise awareness for mental health challenges and suicide prevention.

Dave grew up in the late 80s in a small coal mining town called Collie, where he became interested in triathlons both at school and by watching highlights from the Hawaii Ironman. During his youth, he spent many hours riding BMX bikes with younger brother Damien, or Damo, as his family and friends called him.

"I fondly remember the Mongoose brand growing up, as we spent many hours in the forest riding our BMX bikes," said Dave.

Dave's interest in triathlon turned into a passion, and in 2004 Dave successfully completed the Ironman Western Australia with Damo's support and encouragement. Two years later, he traveled with Damo to watch the inaugural Ironman Port Macquarie, where Damo planted the seed for Dave’s recent accomplishment.

Dave Lowry at Australian Ironman

"We watched the sleek time trial bikes zip by, and Damo came up with the idea to do an Ironman on a BMX bike," explained Dave. "Was it possible? Would it be allowed? That conversation was 17 years ago, and at the time, I had no idea of the impact it would have on my life."

In August 2022, tragedy struck, and Damo died by suicide at the young age of 43. In Dave’s words, "Damo was a remarkable individual, exuding simplicity and joy, seemingly content with life. His passions encompassed his family, scuba diving, his work as a freelance sound technician, and playing the piano. Unfortunately, despite Damo's outward appearance, he silently battled his own demons."

It was a tough time for Dave and his family, but as he reflected on his experiences with his beloved brother, the BMX bike idea replayed in his mind. Around that time, he saw that Mongoose had released a classic bike collection that included the 1983 Supergoose. Dave recalled thinking, "Here’s the perfect opportunity to live that dream of doing an Ironman on a BMX bike."

Dave decided at that moment that he would honor Damo's memory and all those lost to suicide by participating in Ironman Western Australia on what he and many fans call "the Goose."

Dave Lowry's modded Supergoose

As you can see from the photos, Dave had to make some necessary adjustments to the Supergoose so he could ride the 112-mile leg on it. He worked with a Perth-based mechanic named Aldo, who added a longer seat post and cranks, as well as adapters so Dave could use clip-less pedals. Dave also mentioned that he trained on his daughter’s old mountain bike to help prepare for the small BMX frame.

On race day, Dave also wore a singlet promoting an organization called RU OK?, which works to remove the stigma around mental health challenges. He also fundraised for Beyond Blue, Australia’s crisis helpline, for which he raised about $6,000.

Dave Lowry Supergoose credit Sportorgraf

According to Dave, the Supergoose captivated the fans, fellow competitors, and the Ironman media team, as it stood out amongst the 3,000 time trial bikes. Many commented on the retro look of the bike, linking it to their childhood where Mongoose was the go-to BMX brand.

"I had many different comments from people on the day… 'That thing is a weapon’ and ‘BMX Bandit,'" said Dave. On the run course, a fellow competitor even told him that he had ridden a Mongoose when he was young and had only a few months earlier purchased the same Supergoose for his 8-year-old daughter.

Dave Lowry Supergoose credit Sportorgraf

Although he was battling some lower back soreness, Dave said that support on the course from family, friends, and event fans helped him through. That day, Dave competed and finished the Ironman Western Australia in 12 hours and 21 minutes, which included a 2.4-mile swim, riding "the Goose" over 112 miles (180km) on the bike course (averaging an astonishing 16.7/hr.) and running a 26.2-mile marathon.

When asked about what he felt as he came down the finishing chute, Dave said, "I felt comforted knowing my brother’s legacy had lived on. Finishing the race was sad in a way, but I was happy to know that the story about my brother and the message of destigmatizing mental health reached so many people."

Dave Lowry finishes Ironman after riding Supergoose credit Sportorgraf

For now, Dave and his Supergoose are enjoying a well-earned break over Christmas, but he mentioned that there’s still the dream of "riding the Supergoose through the Kona lava fields [if he were to qualify], as [he’s] never seen a BMX bike at Hawaii Ironman!"

A very special thanks to Dave and Kristin Jenny with 220 Triathlon for sharing this incredible story. We hope it will continue to raise awareness and inspire better conversations about mental health, and even help people reach out to organizations like RU OK? and Beyond Blue in times of need. For more information or to donate to these organizations, please visit:

Photo credit: Sportorgraf, Korupt Vision and Dave Lowry